Enacted July 2, 2018, the Right to Life Discord Act makes the Discord App the official chat service of the NationStates region Right to Life. By participating in this chat room, either as a region member or as a visitor, you agree to follow the laws of Right to Life, the Discord Terms of Service, and the Discord Community Guidelines.
> Laws of Right to Life
> Discord Terms of Service
> Discord Community Guidelines
These laws, terms, and guidelines are enforced within Right to Life's chat room by a Discord Custodian and his subordinates. The Discord Custodian serves at the pleasure of the Founder of Right to Life, who appoints him and who may replace him at any time.

If you disagree with an administrative or disciplinary action taken against you and wish to challenge it, please contact the Discord Custodian directly. If he rejects your challenge, contact the Founder of Right to Life by NationStates telegram. If the Founder does not act on your challenge, your last resort is to file a complaint against the Discord Custodian in the High Court of Right to Life.